Land Them Crates APK

The description of Land Them Crates
LAND THEM TNT CRATES! Ever wanted to land multiple crates of explosive TNT on a trolley truck using your phone? No? Well now you can! Play our awesome new game that's a perfect combination of patience,delicate touches and a whole lot of frustration. Land single crates of TNT on your Trolley/Truck to build up a modest score or risk it all by stacking together as many as you can. But be careful, one wrongly timed touch and the whole stack of explosive TNT crates can go KABOOM! A game that tests your positioning and landing skills. How you position and land these crates can be the difference between a good and terrible score. So stack and position those crates up in a line and land them onto your trolley truck. The better the landing, the better the score you set.

COMPETE WITH YOUR FRIENDS! - Land as many explosive crates on your truck lorry as you can and set a high score. The more explosive crates you stack up the higher and more explosive the multiplier! Set your high score and then share it with your friends through Google Play Services and compete with them!

AWESOME GRAPHICS AND MUSIC - We know landing TNT Crates can get nerve wracking so our awesome and highly enjoyable background music will ease your emotions as you look to build a new high score!
Additional information
10,000 - 50,000
Current Version
Requires Android
2.3 and up
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Date Published
Jul 02, 2015